Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Legion of Super-Heroes issue 568

Updated 2/24 with correct info

OK, just because I'm anal retentive about this, I wanted to first see how they got that LSH v5 #15 would have been issue 568 as stated on the cover copy. Counting only those issues which made up regular ongoing series or bridging miniseries between series:

I get 572, not 568 (I dropped the Zero and One Million issues from my original count, and added Legion Worlds which I had misremebered as being concurrent with Legion Lost, not after it, thanks to astute reader Zeb Aslam). By this counting, issue 568 would have been the Dec. 2005 issue.

And just for the hell of it, issue 500 would have been LSH v4 #124, part 3 of the Legion of the Damned arc (Feb. 2003).

I didn't count the Zero and One Million issues in the numbering since they were company-wide and were the regular issues for the title that month. I also discounted the Tales of the LSH run of new issues (314-325) since they were concurrent with the first 12 issues of LSH v3.

As noted in the Comments here, Barry Kitson asked over at LegionWorld for help on identifying the issue number, but he was asking for the October-dated issue.

Finally, by this counting, issue 600 will be 28 issues from now, cover-dated August 2008, barring any numbering goofiness (like 0 or 1,000,000), twice-monthly status, or extra months (like "Winter" and "Holiday" of a few years ago). Keeping the same number of this series, that would make it issue 43.


Scott said...

Barry (Kitson) asked us over at Legion World about the numbering last October. Gary (Nightcrawler) came up with the same # but that would have been for last October's issue.

Michael said...

I guess part of that depends on what you're using in your calculations. Do you exclude Legion Lost since it was a miniseries, or do you include it since it was designed to be the bridge between the two series? Do you include the non-reprint Tales of the LSH (314-325) or not?

I think he just did his calculation on what it would have been based on one issue per month continuously since the end of the new issues of Tales, mine was keeping with the "legacy" numbering based on actual issues published.

I wonder why he wanted the number from the October cover date rather than this month.

Zeb Aslam said...

What about Legion Worlds? Didn't that serve as a bridging storyline between Legion Lost and Legion? I personally those 6 issues should be included as well...but I guess they could be dicounted based on them being a shorter mini-series.

Maybe DC's planning on going to the "old" numbering with 575?

Michael said...

Zeb - you're right, I counted the two bridging miniseries and updated the entry. I had thought Legion Worlds was published at the same time as Legion Lost, but thinking back on it now, each of those stories ended with the news of the return of the Legionnaires, so it must have followed it.