Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Levitz in The New York Times

The New York Times book section had a 2/7/06 article profiling Paul Levitz (free registration required), on the occasion of his return to writing a 6-issue JSA arc starting this week. The article notes that the last time he wrote the JSA regularly was in 1979. The Legion gets a mention in the profile:

Given the opportunity to edit his own titles, Mr. Levitz dropped out of N.Y.U. He also started to blossom as a writer. In 1976, Mr. Levitz landed "All-Star Comics," featuring the Justice Society, and he began his first run on the Legion of Super-Heroes, a team of 30th-century adventurers.

You've got about 30 days or so before the article gets put behind a paywall.

(via Mark Evanier)

Update 2/9/06: The International Herald-Tribune reprints the article, which may be around for free longer than the NYT article.

Tom Spurgeon at the Comics Reporter criticizes the article as "yet another soft, gosh-wow profile":
I'm interested in the subject matter here, as it occurs to me seeing the subject header just how much of what DC does through titles like JSA reflects the basic approach to the material the DC's President and Publisher pretty much embodied as a full-time comics writer two and more decades ago. That's not always the case with the seemingly endless series of these relatively unsophisticated DC-focused articles at NYT.

Avi Green at the Four Color Media Monitor also commented on this article:
I'm hoping that whatever Levitz does here is better than what Johns let the [JSA] title sink into last year, when he prostrated himself to the whole Identity/Infinite Crisis catastrophe.

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