Saturday, February 25, 2006

New York Comic Con '06: day 1

News from the inaugural New York Comic Con this weekend:

As reported by CBR, at the Jim Lee panel at the inaugural New York Comic Con, moderator (and DC honcho) Dan Didio asked Jim what characters he hasn't drawn yet but would like to:

"The Legion of Superheroes. I loved them as a kid. The designs are kind of fun. As an artist, you can sit down and draw quick sketches, and each sketch visualizes the characters living, breathing, moving around through the gestures that you put in. You do that very quickly in 10, 15 minutes. I would definitely like to do that at some point."

Newsarama added a little more:
Asked what characters he’s most looking to draw some day, Lee once again pointed towards the Legion of Super-Heroes, admitted that he has, on occasion, drawn designs for the characters and has sketched out stories just for himself, to get a better feel for the characters as actual people, rather than just stiff, cutout designs.

At this point, Didio asked DC Publisher Paul Levitz, who was sitting in the audience to come up and say a word or two about Lee’s upcoming work. Taking his cue from what Lee was just speaking about Levitz joked that this isn’t an announcement of any kind of Levitz/Lee Legion story, although if Lee ever was looking for a writer for something like that, he should let him know.

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