Saturday, February 25, 2006

New York Comic Con '06: day 2

Saturday events at the New York Comic Con:

From Newsarama, at the DCU: Better Than Ever panel:

  • A Legionnaire in the JLA? A swap for Supergirl?
    Upcoming Justice League of American writer Brad Meltzer joined the stage full of guests, and, pointing to the now familiar double-sized promo image of dozens of heroes, said, "This is not the team" when asked by DC’s VP – Sales Bob Wayne what he could say about the new Justice League title.

    As Scott at LegionWorld noted back in December, if you look closely at the back row, right there next to Tempest is none other than the current version of Karate Kid! Probably nothing more than artistic license, but we'll see....

  • On the Legion Archives:
    Asked if more Legion Archives Editions are coming, Bob Wayne said yes, and then Didio, asking Levitz what was coming up next in the Legion Archives, turned the mic to Levitz who said, "You just have to remember that I was really, really young..."

    The most recent volume of the Archives, volume 12, reprinted up through Superboy 223, a dozen issues. I'd estimate that volume 13 would cover issues 224-230 (all regular-sized issues of Superboy), and probably issues 231-233 of Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes (all of which were double-sized). That would cover Pulsar Stargrave, intro of Dawnstar, death of Chemical King, Klordny, and end with the Composite Legionnaire issue. Volume 14 would cover the wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl and Earthwar.

    For more reprint info, go to my Legion Reprint page.

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