Saturday, November 19, 2005

Continuity of Hawkman-esque proportions

Over at Comics Should Be Good, the Unwashed Masses give a couple of thumbs up to the new LSH TPB. Greg asked "Next time I go to the comic book store, what superhero trade paperback should I buy? The qualifications: it must be recent (nothing older than, let's say, 2001) and it must be published by DC and Marvel."

A good quote:

old-style Legion continuity (& cast size) were, yes, a mess--not quite of Hawkman/Phoenix proportions, but very hard to keep track of what was what without a scorecard.

Yes, it was hard to keep track of what was going on without a scorecard (or a Mission Monitor Board), but a dedicated fan could. Heck, Paul Levitz is on record that he had to have a notebook explaining where everyone was when he wrote the darn thing! It took the original Crisis to totally muck up a lot of DC's continuity, but I like the comment that the Legion's rewritten history was not of Hawkmanesque proportions - and he's only one person.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that I don't really understand the comments you hear about how difficult the Legion was/is to get into. I never had any trouble and I was a just a wide-eyed teenager for most of Levitz's LSH run. Never needed a scorecard or anything like that. I can't even fathom why adults would have been confused.

I never had any trouble with the DC multiverse, either, which is another complaint I've never understood. Were both of these things really that hard? Was I just some kind of super-genius of Coluan proportions and didn't even know it? And to think of all that wasted potential...