Saturday, November 12, 2005

This week: Infinite Crisis #2

In last month's "Crisis Counseling" column on Newsarama, Dan DiDio was asked about the Legion's involvement in "Infinite Crisis".

NRAMA: Let's wrap up with some rapid fire topics... Is the Legion of Super-Heroes involved in Infinite Crisis?
DD: Not really.

This month, we see that issue 2 has the "not really". Jef Peckham provides the play-by-play:

This may prove to be the only LSH connection to Infinite Crisis. Power Girl encountes the Earth-2 Superman. Drawn by George Perez, he explains to her the old story of the multiverse and Crisis on Infinite Earths. There is one panel there showing the heroes battling the Anti-Monitor. Among them are Levitz era Lightning Lad, Blok, Ultra Boy, Lightning Lass, Sun Boy, and Wildfire. In addition, on the Perez-drawn cover (depicting Power Girl looking at fragmented memories), Wildfire can be seen just above her cape in a segment with Powergirl, sandwiched between the cover scene to Justice League Of America 21 (the first JLA/JSA teamup), The Earth-1 Superman's rocket, and the Monitor.

The Legion is only on the Perez cover, not on the Jim Lee cover.

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