Friday, November 18, 2005


As for Tyroc reappearing in some manner in LSH 15, I'm sure most people are saying "WTF is that guy doing in a disco jumpsuit?" Here is a Tyroc quiz I made up about 10 years ago (yikes, that long ago?) for the original LSH-L mailing list when it was at Netcom. I'll post the answers in a few days, but you can leave your guesses in the Omnicomments section.

Part A. Fill in the blank (2 points each):
1. What island is Tyroc from?
2. What Broadway musical was the island's secret "borrowed" from?
3. What's Tyroc's real name?
4. What other Legionnaires were present to show that the Legion was colorblind?
5. In his native language, what does "Tyroc" mean?

Part B. Match Tyroc's yells (spelling approximate) with their effects (1 point each):
1. EEYYAAAHH            a. spin
2. AHHRRRRRR          b. teleport
3. OYYUUUUUU          c. turn rubbery
4. ARRRRHHHH          d. wind
5. ZZZRRRUUGGHH    e. force field
6. UIUUIEEEE              f. sticky rain
7. ARRREEEEG            g. explosion
8. IRRRRWWWW        h. flame
9. CCCIIIRRR            i. lose balance
10. RRRYYYY              j. trees sprout tentacles

Perfect score: 20 points

Winner gets the satisfaction of knowing that they are an expert in Tyrocology.

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Michael K. Willis said...

Part A
1) Marzal
2) Brigadoon
3) Troy Stewart
4) I presume that it was Shadow Lass, Brainiac 5, and Chameleon Boy
5) I'm drawing a blank on that one.

Part B
I couldn't possibly put those together without digging through the comics stored in my garage (I always found his powers too silly and too undefined to waste time bothering to remember which sound did what.)