Saturday, November 26, 2005

Supergirl and the Legion?

From Dan DiDio as reported on Newsarama:

"Must have been a little sleepy from all the turkey I ate, forgot a few important pieces of information...

"Not sure how things can change One Year Later when the stories are taking place thousands of years in the future, but the future is about to get more exciting in the newly titled Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes. And no, that is not a typo, wide awake now.

"Thousands" of years? What happened to Infinite Crisis "not really" affecting the Legion?

Hmmmm.... Supergirl and the Legion? Rampant speculation had Superboy moving to the 31st century, thus the reason for his new costume. I can't see Power Girl and her newly-found popularity in the current DCU adopting the Supergirl costume and name for a trip to the future when there's already one by that name, nor can I see resurrecting the dearly departed Earth-1 Kara Zor-el. It must be the non-dead Kara Zor-el currently starring in her own book.

Thanks to Mike Willis in the comments for pointing this out.

Favorite blogosphere reaction: You got your Supertorso in my Legion! You got your Legion in my Supertorso!

Diane Kingston doesn't like the idea:

So if the next issue of Legion is a jumping-off point, I'm taking it. Unfortunate, because that was the only DCU title I was reading, and I was really enjoying it. But apparently, anyone who isn't a devoted, hardcore, walking DC encyclopedia has no place in DiDio's DC.


Michael K. Willis said...

I was really hoping that the Legion would stay pretty much removed from whatever was going on in the 21st Century DCU so if they really must bring a Supergirl into the mix I hope it's someone who will be living in the 31st Century fulltime and not a time traveler.

naladahc said...


But I find this new "real" Kara Zor-El a totally boring lame version of the character.

The whole Supergirl thing now feel so completely lame to me on a story and visual level. I don't know why but without the silly Silver Age background of the character this current incarnation is sterile and empty.

I don't see her lending anything to the Legion.