Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Now and Later

Couple of things I saw in the comic store last weekend....

1. DC Direct has a figure of The Composite Superman (who's actually a composite of Superman, Batman, and the Legion) as part of their "First Appearance" line. The figure is designed around his appearance in World's Finest 142, which had a cameo of the Legion and their statues (which, of course, gave Joe Meach his powers when struck by lightning). The figure is packaged with a miniature replica of the comic, about 2x3 inches, so add this figure to the list.

2. This month's issue (#7) of Solo, a DC comic which I hadn't heard about until recently, is done by Mike Allred. Apparently the concept behind the comic is that each issue is done completely by one artist, who's pretty much allowed to do whatever they want. In this issue, there's a Silver Age-y story featuring the original Teen Titans vs the original Doom Patrol - the Titans throw a swingin' party in Bruce Wayne's pad, which is one floor above the apartment of someone in the DP (probably actress Rita Farr). The Titans get too loud, hilarity ensues, and somehow the Phantom Zone villains and Mon-el enter the picture. At the end of the story, the Legion is monitoring the events of the party. Mon-el tells the rest of the Legion what a great time he had at the party, and that he remembered that the rest of the Legion showed up at the party shortly afterward. "Wait til you see what happened to Colossal Boy!" This story is extremely non-canonical. They make a cameo appearance in another story later that has about a million other characters, give or take. The cover was supposed to show Adam West's Batman doing the Batusi, but apparently there were rights issues and instead the cover on the stands shows the Silver Age Wonder Girl doing the Batusi instead.

Three reprint books coming up next month, as well as the regular issue:

1. In the Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Absolute Edition, in addition to reprinting the entire series in Book 1, it has a Book 2 that reprints the Eclipse/ICG Crisis Index and Crisis Crossover Index and also has (according to DC's blurb) "a look into post-Crisis events and aftermath stories, how the Superboy/Legion conundrum was solved, and a look at the 20th anniversary of this seminal event."

2. The first TPB from the new series comes out next month too. LSH Vol. 1: Teenage Revolution reprints issues 1-6 and the preview from the Titans/Legion Special. Wonder what Shikari has been up to in the new continuity? Technically, I suppose this would really be LSH (v5) vol. 1.

3. The other half of the Titans/Legion book, along with Teen Titans 16-23, is reprinted in Teen Titans: The Future Is Now. I don't have my issues handy, can anyone say which of these (besides the Titans/Legion special and TT 16) feature the Legion?

Plus, of course, LSH v5 #12.

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Chris Arndt said...

Has the Post-Crisis Legion thing really been solved?