Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Legion in Crisis

The last part of my last post got me thinking.... we'll be seeing Blok, Dawnstar, and Tyroc (who appear on the cover of LSH 15) as well as Wildfire and Sensor Girl (according to writer Stuart Moore). For anyone who has the original Crisis issues handy, was there ever a period of time in which at least these five are together and off traversing the multiverse? They could just be a time-tossed set of Legionnaires who appear in issue 15 in between panels of one of the Crisis issues.

You know, if not for the original Crisis, the Legion title would probably still be following the original continuity, one of the very few titles in which the characters actually showed the passage of time (growing older, getting married and having kids, new blood in the Legion, etc.). The founders would have been taking more of a mentor role (like Cosmic Boy did with the second group of Subs), others would have gotten married or broken up, some would have quit, and some would probably have died (and stayed dead). That what you can do with a team that's isolated in its own little corner of the DCU, unaffected for the most part by whatever happened 1000 years ago.

Back in the present, and Superboy-Prime will be getting a DC Direct figure (part of the Infinite Crisis line) in his new costume. DC won't show what the new costume looks like because the uniform itself is a plot spoiler. I wonder how they'll incorporate the Legion "L"?

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