Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Welcome to Adventure 247

Remember the "Legion of Super-Resources" page? I created that several years ago as a one-stop shopping place to keep everyone informed as to Legion content on the internet. Back then, we had our own web pages, and there was Usenet (rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh) for discussion, some mailing lists, and that was pretty much it. Then DC created their message boards, which then fractured into many boards all over the place, and there was no single place to go for the whole story. For a while it was the most-referenced Legion link, but I eventually stopped updating it (apparently in October 2001). Now there are other, more up-to-date link collections, and so I see no need to reinvent the wheel (or reinvent my page to have the same links). Thus, the new and improved Adventure 247.

So, I'm going to attempt to keep this updated with links to current news, previews, reviews, interviews, and retroviews. I also have lots of original content that I created for the various mailing lists in the last 10 years or so.

Finally, this begins my 30th anniversary of Legion fandom. My first issue was Superboy 212, the one where the Legion fights the Legion of Super-Rejects and Matter-Eater Lad leaves. It's cover-dated October 1975. What a long strange trip it's been!


Michael K. Willis said...

What a grand idea for a blog! I've been a LSH fan I started reading comics (I gravitated to almost everything that featured a member of the Superman family)...the first Legion comic I can remember buying was Adventure #333 ("The War Between Krypton and Earth".) I'm definitely going to be a regular visitor.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you doing something online again Michael. We've been crossing paths for years between all the Yahoo groups.

This year is also my 30th anniversary with the Legion although my first issue issue was Superboy #210, "Soljer's Private War".

I've got you added to my newsfeeds and have had a link to your blog added over at Legion World. If you get a second try and stop by over there: Legion World.

aka Lightning Lad

Anonymous said...

Michael, your "Legion of Super-Resources" page was one of the first Legion pages I came across when first online.

The very first, however, were the mailing list archives hosted by the same ISP that hosted your page, Idyll Mountain. This mailing list was once very active (dozens and sometimes hundreds of posts a day) and I often spent pleasant hours reading the archives.

Do you, or anyone else, happen to know what happened to these archives? Could they possibly be made available again in some form?

Thanks!! The blog looks great!!