Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Supergirl stuff

So here's what Legion artist Barry Kitson said over the weekend on LegionWorld, starting in the middle of this thread:

Well I guess Dan has let the cat out of the bag - yes - Supergirl will be in issue #16 (whether we actually play with a logo for an issue or two you'll have to wait and see - I thought it might be fun)

As I said the seeds for all that's about to happen were sown right from the preview and the appearance or not of Supergirl and other Legionnaires past/present and future are all part of the big scheme... it'll all make perfect sense by issue #36...or was it #63?

Anyway - hopefully when you read the story you'll actually enjoy it!

Just remember LSH had been a thousand (well 999 years) post IC since issue #1!

When asked about the "master plan", Barry said this:

Well rest assured it the Legion at the center of the to whether you'll get an idea of what it is or not.... wouldn't that spoil the surprise?

"Which Legion?" came next.

I'd like to give a really zen answer - along the lines of there any many but only one, grasshopper, we are legion are we not?...but then it didn't make sense to anyone but and see!

So.... which Supergirl? Listed chronologically in order of introduction, will it be:

  1. Kara Zor-el, the pre-Crisis Supergirl of Earth-1 who survived the destruction of Krypton but died in the Crisis?
  2. Kara Zor-L, the pre-Crisis Power Girl of Earth-2 who survived the destruction of Krypton, who survived the destruction of Earth-2's universe in the Crisis, and who is currently a member of the JSA?
  3. Laurel Gand, the 30th Century post-Crisis, post-Mordruverse, pre-Zero Hour descendant of Lar "Mon-el" Gand named Andromeda who hasn't been seen since the Zero Hour reboot of the Legion?
  4. The artificial being formerly known as Matrix, who survived the destruction of the Pocket Universe and later merged with Linda Danvers and became an Earth-Born Angel, who hasn't been seen in the DCU since her series was cancelled?
  5. Linda's daughter Ariella, conceived when Linda traveled to the pre-Crisis Earth and married Superman (at the end of Peter David's run on Supergirl), who became Supergirl 1,000,000?
  6. Laurel Gand, a 30th Century post-Zero Hour descendant of Lar "Valor/M'onel" Gand named [Sister] Andromeda who hasn't been seen since the most recent Legion reboot?
  7. Cir-el, who claimed to be the future daughter of Superman and Lois Lane but who turned out to be a human genetically altered to seem at least partially Kryptonian, and who died thwarting a plot by Brainiac 13?
  8. Kara Zor-el, the current Supergirl of the post-Zero Hour Earth who survived the destruction of Krypton?
  9. Or someone we don't know yet?

Here's a field guide to the various versions of Supergirl (including ones I didn't mention, like the movie and animated versions).

I'd say definitely not Power Girl, she's too old for the Legion (she's at least in her mid 20's, if not older), and having her be Supergirl in one title and Power Girl in another is too confusing.

Since we'll see the "return" of Dawnstar, Blok, Tyroc, Wildfire, and Sensor Girl in a story about the multiverse's greatest heroes of the 30th/31st Century, plucking the Earth-1 Supergirl from some time before she died in the Crisis and having her live with the Legion isn't totally out of the question, as far-fetched as that may have seemed only recently.

The current Supergirl is the right age (she's a teenager), and her popularity would perk up sales of the Legion book.

And just to throw the wildest curve, what (if any) role will the Earth-Prime Superboy play with the Legion? We had speculated he would end up with the Legion (and with a new Legion-based costume). Maybe he'll dress in drag or something.

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