Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who's that Supergirl?

Today's Photon Torpedoes discusses Supergirl and the Legion back in the good old days, including one of Brainiac 5's greatest moments: building a Supergirl robot that would fall in love with him, and then forgetting that he built it.

The Legion I can survive without... but I finally realized life without you is meaningless!

That Cary Bates always did have a way with words.

Offsetting that, there's also a "F*$% Yeah!" moment worthy of Dave's Longbox when she and Superboy punch the crap out of Darkseid at the end of the Great Darkness Saga.

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Michael K. Willis said...

That bit with Supergirl and Superboy (and then just Supergirl) smacking Darkseid around for a while during the climax of "The Great Darkness Saga" was very cool.

Paul Levitz used Supergirl to nice effect in her handful of appearences with the Legion during that period. I remember wishing that they had relocated her to the future rather than killing her off in Crisis #7 (even though that story was a pretty nice sendoff for an often-misused character.)

I was also always rooting for Supergirl and Brainiac 5 (who used to be my favorite Legionnaire before they decided to start portraying him as an insufferable, pompous, condescending a-hole) to hook up as a couple.

Rao help me, I am such a geek sometimes :-)