Wednesday, November 16, 2005

LSH 15 - fan reactions

Of course, the appearance of Dawnstar, Tyroc, and Blok on the apparent Infinite Crisis tie-in to Legion of Super-Heroes 15 has sparked a lot of anticipation.

Photon Torpedos says "Dawnstar's Back":

... hoohah! I missed Dawnstar. I thank Barry Kitson for not changing her classic cleavage-revealing costume. Now you might be asking, who is this? She looks like Pocahontas in the future!

Dawnstar is a mutant, born with wings that allow her to fly through outer space. She doesn't need a spacesuit either, which convenient for you lonely and horny fanboys. Dawnstar can track anything with pinpoint accuracy through light years of space. Whoever dreamed this character up was smokin weed and listening to the Age of Aquarius on their 8-track tape.

You cannot improve on that costume. That body is like no other...full figured...kind of like JLo in outer space. Nuff said.

He's got a cool gallery of Dawnstar images.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Replicants looks over the February pickin's:

Barry Kitson's art is amazing and they do look like the Legion... And this month sees Dawnstar, Blok and Tyroc appearing. Could the last year's worth of books have been a dream..?

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